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This is a blog specifically targeted to you, the Project Team Leader, to enable joy in work in your team. You are in a unique position…you aren’t the boss, but you have authority. The people working on the team do not have to give you 100% (because they report to someone else) AND they are vital for the team to succeed. Ooof.

The goal of this blog is to equip and encourage you for the journey. You and your teams are workhorses of progress. Most new products/services started because of a cross-functional team. Everyone wants innovation, and these teams and team leaders make it happen. Our goal here is to help you, the Team Leader, build a team that wants to work together and succeeds.


The 4 Myers-Briggs Temperments

The 4 Myers-Briggs Temperments

What Myers-Briggs Type Are You OUCH... I sat on a TACK! Watch eNthusaProve's Paul Armstrong's humorous, insightful, and spot-on depiction of how the 4 Temperament types in Myers-Briggs react to sitting on a tack! Which one are you? Let us know how we can enable joy in...

Joy in Work at the Fire Station

Joy in Work at the Fire Station

I had such fun observing an awesome example of enabling joy in work with a visit to a local volunteer fire company with a preschool group. There were 18 kids there (and us moms) to see this awesome new fire was so fun! What struck me from a joy in work...

Lancaster Story Slam: What’s In A Story?

Lancaster Story Slam: What’s In A Story?

What's The Story? I really enjoy how the art of storytelling speaks to me personally and professionally. I really got a kick out of the Lancaster Story Slam... the concept, the challenges of telling a true story using a theme with a five-minute timeframe, and the...

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