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This is a blog specifically targeted to you, the Project Team Leader, to enable joy in work in your team. You are in a unique position…you aren’t the boss, but you have authority. The people working on the team do not have to give you 100% (because they report to someone else) AND they are vital for the team to succeed. Ooof.

The goal of this blog is to equip and encourage you for the journey. You and your teams are workhorses of progress. Most new products/services started because of a cross-functional team. Everyone wants innovation, and these teams and team leaders make it happen. Our goal here is to help you, the Team Leader, build a team that wants to work together and succeeds.

Joyful News

A New Arrival On November 17th, Amanda and her husband Nathan, welcomed another baby boy into the world. He has been happily greeted by his two brothers and all are doing well.  Leading three rambunctious boys will have Amanda and Nathan digging deep into leadership...

Don’t Let Anyone Take That from You

“Don’t let anyone take that from you.”  Those were the words of advice to me from my dear Grandmother on my graduation day from Kansas State University (go Wildcats!) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  In my fresh faced naïveté, I replied “um, ok, I won’t.”  I...

What Gets Measured Gets Done…or Does It?

I recently had a senior manager in charge of continual improvement share with me how important metrics were, (as if I hadn’t heard that before) and she ended her pitch with the very firmly stated “because what gets measured gets done.” That is one of the most...

How to Make Fewer Decisions

Systematizing to focus on what matters Do you struggle with all the decision making in your day?  Ever reached the end of the day completely incapable of making one more choice?  Life as a project team leader involves an endless supply of decisions to make.  Research...

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We help you enthusiastically improve your processes and products, develop your people to achieve joy in purposeful work and delight in your customers. We do this by generating enthusiastic yet pragmatic solutions with proven methods and edgy techniques to achieve provable enterprise excellence and excitement.

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