About Us

Our work takes us into many meeting rooms to develop a group of people into a team. In the midst of these events and everyday life, we come across interesting learning moments that connect theory we’ve learned to an experience in real life. We hope this blog is informative and entertaining for other facilitators and those interested in team development.


We like to share what’s in our toolbox and in our toy box. Why? Because sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to help you get unstuck or to give a little boost to your effort. The toolbox and toybox are still a bit under construction, so we appreciate your patience. If you have any recommendations of what you’d like us to put here, feel free to send us an email. Sorry, but due to the limits of bandwidth, we won’t be able to put any really cool tools, like cutting torches or sawzalls on here.

Equipping Team Leaders to enable joy in work…even if you are not the boss.

eNthusaProve helps you generate enthusiastic yet pragmatic solutions with proven methods and edgy techniques to achieve provable enterprise excellence and excitement.

Core Belief:

Each of us has the gifts of creativity and free will.  Our creativity enables us to make each day more exciting, more fulfilling, more purposeful.  Our free will enables us to make that choice for improvement.  With free will, we are ultimately responsible for our choices, but we don’t act without influences.  The structures, systems and process in which people live and work influence, and perhaps drive, our behavior.  We are called to use our conscience and our creativity to continually improve those structures, systems and processes so that we see and have an optimum set of choices.  That’s worth being enthusiastic about.

Who we are

President and Chief Ops Officer:
(for contract and travel matters)
Diana Armstrong

Chief Innovation Officer:
Paul Armstrong  (LinkedIn)

Creative Expertise Officer: (yes, that’s CEO)
Amanda Parker  (LinkedIn)

Offices in:

Bethel Park, PA just south of Pittsburgh

Lancaster, PA midway between Harrisburg and Philadelphia

Mailing and Shipping Address:

eNthusaProve, LLC
1740 Wilderness Road
Lancaster, PA 17603-9322