We have over 20 years of working with teams from industry, government, non-profits, and academia.

Our experience includes the tools of the trade:

  • Myers Briggs and other personality tools
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • Process Management
  • System Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Program Management

We draw from the applicable parts of our experience to bring tools and techniques that will encourage the conversation to explore the situation and enhance data-based decision making.

The fantastic team at eNthusaProve facilitate an environment where all participants feel they are on equal footing, free to express themselves and that their views will be acknowledged and appreciated. They are extremely well prepared, armed with years of experience in getting the most out of the day.

What sets eNthusaProve apart is their flexibility and creativity. In our session, they really listened to what everyone had to say. When one of the attendee’s made a statement that seemed to spark the group, the eNthusaProve team was quick to grab that and run with it. They encouraged the group to talk through the issue and arrive at an actionable resolution.

By day’s end we hadn’t merely had a “good meeting”. Rather, we had a breakthrough session that will forever change the fortunes of our company. 

Colin Xander

Overhaul Partners

I appreciate that you arent like other consultants and come in to sell your solution.  You help my team develop a solution that works best for us.    You do what I need, without all the overhead.

Kelly Powers

Williams Industrial Services Group

Equipping Team Leaders to enable joy in work…even if you are not the boss.

eNthusaProve helps you generate enthusiastic yet pragmatic solutions with proven methods and edgy techniques to achieve provable enterprise excellence and excitement.

Our Team Serving You

Paul Armstrong

Founder & Partner


Amanda Parker

CEO & Partner


Diana Armstrong

President & Partner

(Contact Diana for contract and travel matters)

Bob Gonzalez

Senior Consultant

Julie Gage

Senior Consultant


Bethel Park, PA just south of Pittsburgh

Lancaster, PA midway between Harrisburg and Philadelphia

Mailing and Shipping Address:

eNthusaProve, LLC
1740 Wilderness Road
Lancaster, PA 17603-9322

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