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Joyful Projects… the Secret to Real Excellence

Welcome to Joyful Projects, where we will explore the Secret to Real Excellence in transforming our ideas into reality. I’ve spent many years figuring out what it really means to enable joy in work…and I want to share my insights.


My desire is to help those of you who have a responsibility to get a project done, to transform an idea into a reality, and that there is a team of you off to do that epic endeavor. Most of what I’ll share will make sense to you, but here are some of the twists that really unveil the secret.

  • I don’t use the word manage. I find it’s confusing.
  • I am consistent with all the works on how to do projects, that usually have that manage word.
  • In my search to understand joy in work, I found the answer not in the office, but while teaching Sunday School…it was right there in the beginning of both Old and New Testaments. So, we are going to take Sunday’s message and make it be our basis for Monday’s mission.

I’m excited to share this with you. I look forward to your feedback. Let’s get moving!

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