Bob Gonzalez

Bob has over 25 years experience as a skilled facilitator working with groups of all sizes.  He can make an agenda and adjust on the fly when something comes up all with an eye for getting the team to the deliverable they set out to achieve.  His credentials include:

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Kepner Trego 20+ years of experience using and teaching Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Experienced facilitating dozens of groups solving problems, improving process and making decisions.

His previous experience was with General Electric and Lockheed Martin where he was a process improvement and team decision making facilitator.  Now he utilizes his skills to serve many industries, including volunteering his talents in the community.  A few of the places who have welcomed Bob’s work with their teams include:

  • Clifton Park & Halfmoon Rescue Squad
  • Girl Scout Council
  • Nurses group in Schenectady
  • Grace Church
  • International Center of the Capital Region
  • Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (local franchise)
  • Town of East Greenbush
  • Martin Electric Company

Bob is a man with a heart to serve.  We are so glad to have him on the eNthusaProve team!


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