Executive Decision Coaching

We provide coaching in the art of Leadership Decision Making, helping people to be capable in making decisions about people, process and products that inspire others.

We plan and conduct leadership decision making scrimmages for you and your team. We  take the issues you are challenged with and work the tools and methods of leadership on those issues.  These are roll up your sleeves, experiential sorts of events wherein we don’t just lay out the platitudes, the token vision stories from JFK and MLK, or the overworked stories about Toyota, Southwest, and Google, but rather we coach your managers as they test your organizational cultural assumptions and come face to face with what each of them need to be better players on your leadership team.

We have found this approach to be much more effective, leads to deeper learning, allows the conventional wisdom to be challenged and tested, and, also importantly, there is a bit of laughter that helps to bring the learning home.

Yes, we are well versed in the concepts of Kotter, Deming, Maxwell, Senge, Block, Covey and Collins.  Over the last several decades, we have conducted Leadership seminars using material from many of these acknowledged experts in the field of leadership. But we have found the seminar approaches lacking.  Similarly, we have found having a seminar  based primarily on listening to stories of how others lead is one dimensional learning… and comes up short when it needs to be put into practice.

Isn’t this just Leadership Development?

Many consultants provide what is popularly referred to as Leadership Development.  We find that term to be overused to the point of being commoditized.

Leadership is about people.  If you are concerned first and foremost about leading your customers to a better solution and your people to a better sense of purpose…then you already realize the vital value of good decisions.

If you want to help your customers be their best and your people to be their best, in the pursuit of a noble purpose and not for your own agenda, then we may be your type of coach.

If you are actually focused more on results, i.e. the score on the board after the game and not the desire of the players to play again, or if you refer to your people as “resources” (just like money, machines and material) then we may not be your type of leadership coach.

We believe that numbers won’t save us, people will.  We believe that those who claim ‘it’s all about getting results’ forget that you always get results.  It’s just that sometimes the results are not what we wanted or expected.  But those results are most often a direct result of leadership decisions.

We believe that, when you think first of people, hope actually is a strategy.  The organizational vision is the hoped for future state, and the underpinning bedrock of inspiration.  People without hope are people who have lost sight of their purpose and is a sign that leadership is lacking.


Sound interesting?   We are more than happy to sit down and talk with you about where you want to take your leadership team.

Contact Us:  CIO@enthusaprove.com

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We help you enthusiastically improve your processes and products, develop your people to achieve joy in purposeful work and delight in your customers. We do this by generating enthusiastic yet pragmatic solutions with proven methods and edgy techniques to achieve provable enterprise excellence and excitement.

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