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Get to the Game Changers – Strategic Planning

1)    an effort you undertake when you realize that you need to make strategic decisions and actions.  In simple terms, strategic decisions are game changers; not merely decisions to do more of what we already do.  By design, strategic planning is preparing to do something different which also means stopping doing something we currently do.

2)    helps you to do know when to make moves that are counterintuitive when viewed in the short term.  Like spiking a football or sacrificing a piece in chess – being able to earn a long term gain from a short term pain.

3)    requires taking a brutally honest look at their own strengths and weaknesses and then stacking them against the opportunities and threats that are out on the edge of the horizon.  By design, this means that habits and institutions and processes that are working just fine for now may be considered a weakness when taken to the horizon.  The generic acronym for this type of strategic assessment is called SWOT for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


eNthusaProve has over 2 decades of experience guiding executive teams through the rough rapids of strategic planning – Contact us and see if our style is a good fit for your organization.

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