Many organizations experience barriers in processes, systems, communications, and overall effectiveness. eNthusaProve offers application-based and innovative consultation for teams that are struggling with processes. We will examine how performance improvement can increase effectiveness and efficiency and suggest tools to execute change.

What We Do

  • We offer tailored consulting solutions to sharpen skills and transform team member mindsets.
  • Create strategic planning initiatives to drive top tier growth.
  • Suggest meaningful performance improvement strategies to maximize the bottom line.
  • Illuminate and identify barriers to progress utilizing a holistic approach.
  • We evaluate all parts of your current process.
  • Create strategies and solutions for success.

How We Do It

When working with a Team Leader, our consultation process generally looks like this:

  • We meet virtually with the Team Leader/organizer to establish the objectives.
  • We prepare a plan for the format, tools, and data needed.
  • We refine the meeting plan and finalize the agenda with the Team Leader.
  • Facilitate the actual face-to-face meeting with your team.
  • Follow-up as planned through our meetings. This could be a simple report, additional post-consultation virtual meetings, coaching sessions, or follow-up face-to-face meetings depending on your needs.

What Does Our Consulting Look Like?

We’ve facilitated large (>100 people) and small groups (~20 people) that take many different forms.  Here are a few of our customized consultation offerings:

  • Single consultation session
  • One or Two Day Offsite Planning Meetings
  • Multi-Day & Multi-Topic Team Work “Deep Dives”
  • Thoughtful problem-solving consultations
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Tactical meetings (How do we navigate this situation right now!)
  • Strategic planning sessions (How do we want to be different in 2, 5, or 10 years?)
  • Improving conversations within well-established teams
  • Setting good foundations within newly formed teams
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