Our work takes us into many meeting rooms to develop a group of people into a team. In the midst of these events and everyday life, we come across interesting learning moments that connect theory we’ve learned to an experience in real life. We hope this blog is informative and entertaining for other facilitators and those interested in team development.


We like to share what’s in our toolbox and in our toy box. Why? Because sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to help you get unstuck or to give a little boost to your effort. The toolbox and toybox are still a bit under construction, so we appreciate your patience. If you have any recommendations of what you’d like us to put here, feel free to send us an email. Sorry, but due to the limits of bandwidth, we won’t be able to put any really cool tools, like cutting torches or sawzalls on here.


Examine how performance improvement can increase effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Tailored solutions sharpen skills and transform mindsets.
  • Strategic planning to drive top line growth;¬†performance improvement to maximize bottom line.
  • Many organizations experience barriers in processes, systems, communications and overall effectiveness. We identify these gaps and create strategies and solutions for success.