Systems Thinking and Casual Analysis

Dealing with the Dynamic Complexity we call life!!

Systems Thinking – put simply, the art of being able to envision and speak to the dynamic nature of a situation and to conduct a crucial conversation about the impact of potential decisions.  If process thinking is like taking a picture of a situation, systems thinking is like a movie…wherein character and plot development are critical to how the story evolves.  Systems thinking is most powerful as a proactive tool to test and make decisions.

Causal Analysis – put simply, the art of finding as many causes as we can and identifying their role in the results that were observed.  At its simplest level, it is essentially asking “why” more times than a five year old…peeling back the onion so to speak.  At its ideal level, it is finding the real world answer to that dreaded math equation:  Y=f(x).  It is finding out all the various inputs to a situation and ascertaining how they impact on the result…the mathematical Y.  So, as you can see, this is all about asking why and solving for Y.  Causal Analysis is most powerful as a reactive tool to understand what happened so that we can learn for the future.

Why you might need us:
We bring the tools, the experience and the objective professionalism to guide your walk through the situation with new eyes.  Our only interest is to help you be more confident in understanding the impact of your decisions…either future or past.  We serve as neutral trail guides who can steer your team through the hostile territories of defensiveness, doubt, and confusion.

If you need help to reach the a-ha moment, we may be just the consultant you need.

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