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eNthusaProve FacilitationFacilitation: Making Meetings Successful.

Dreading a meeting because of the topic, the problem or the personalities?  We bring expertise navigating the rough waters to keep your team headed toward the destination.

You may lead meetings all the time, which makes you wonder…

Why do I need an outside facilitator?

We find that clients bring us in when they have a high value meeting that they just can’t afford to have go sideways.  Here’s a few examples:

  • You have a super critical meeting where you can’t afford to have superficial thought or anemic buy-in.
  • People who have taken precious time at this meeting and you cannot afford to squander their time.
  • You have a highly contentious group who is at each other’s throats.
  • You have a team whose members all think alike…yikes, groupthink!
  • The leader needs to participate in the meeting without worrying about bringing discussion tools, voting methods, decision making matrices, etc.

Our creative and adaptive style….along with over two decades of experience navigating teams through the rough waters of turbulent conversations…might be just what your situation needs.

How do we do what we do?

We have over 20 years working with teams from industry, government, non-profits and academia. Our experience includes the tools of the trade: Myers Briggs and other personality tools, Six Sigma, Lean, Process Management, System Analysis, Project Management, Program Management.

We draw from the applicable parts of our experience to bring tools and techniques that will encourage conversation to explore the situation and enhance data based decision making.

When working with a Team Leader, the process generally is:

  • Meet virtually with the Team Leader/organizer to establish the objectives.
  • Provide a plan for format, tools, and data needed.
  • Refine meeting plan finalize agenda with the Team Leader.
  • Facilitate the face-to-face meeting with your team.
  • Follow-up as discussed.  This could be a simple report, follow-on virtual meetings, coaching sessions, or follow-up face-to-face meetings depending on your needs.

What does it look like?

We’ve facilitated large (>100 people) and small groups (~20 people) that take many different forms.  Here’s a few examples of one’s we’ve done:

  • Single session meetings
  • One or Two Day Offsite Planning Meetings
  • Multi-Day & Multi-Topic Team Work Deep Dives
  • Thoughtful problem solving
  • Creative brainstorming.
  • Tactical meetings (How do we navigate this situation right now!)
  • Strategic planning sessions (How do we want to be different in 2, 5, or 10 years?)
  • Improving conversations in well-established teams
  • Setting good foundations in newly formed teams
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