Our facilitation services assist leaders when they’re dreading a meeting because of the topic, the problem or the personalities. Sound familiar? We bring expertise to navigate the rough waters to keep your team headed toward the desired outcome and on-course. You may lead meetings all the time, which makes you wonder… why should I hire a meeting facilitator?

Why Hire An Outside Facilitator?

Our facilitation services bring a fresh perspective to your business that you might not have and if you’re thinking you might need us, you definitely do. We see the bigger picture of the project and what your team needs to do to get there by being outsiders.

The insights we have can boost your internal team to new ways of thinking and approaching problems. We find that clients bring us in when they have a high-value meeting that they just can’t afford to not have go well!


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Here are a few examples of the reasons our clients have called on us for our facilitation services:

  • They had a super-critical meeting and they couldn’t afford just an anemic buy-in from the team. They needed us to energize their teams.
  • Stakeholders were traveling in and taking time to be there and our clients needed our expert facilitation services to ensure the best outcome and use of time.
  • There was an undercurrent of contention between existing team members that needed us to show them how to pull together to complete the project.
  • The team had become static and uninspired… Yikes, groupthink and needed us to facilitate creative thinking sessions.
  • The team leader needed to participate in the meeting without worrying about bringing discussion tools, voting methods, decision making matrices, etc — and we stepped up to handle all of their needs so they could stay laser-focused on the outcome.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Then our facilitation services are right for you! Our creative and adaptive style… along with over two decades of experience navigating teams through the rough waters of turbulent conversations… is probably exactly what your situation needs.

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