Give your team memories and expertise, not piles of paper.

Think outside the binder.

Our interactive and innovative training engages your teams with simulations, and practicing skills in the room. We never burden your teams with piles of printouts.

Ready and Available Content

Many topics can be accomplished with online resources and modify our interactive participation approach for the online environment.  Our consultants can build the course to be valuable for geographically diverse teams, without the investment of travel and lengthy downtime.

Our Approach

We focus on TEAM LEARNING rather than training individuals.  Learning is a concept that is different than education or training…related but different.  Learning is achieved…training is delivered.  Learning is grasped and developed…training is given.  Akin to when a child learns to walk, learning fundamentally changes how we interact with the world.    



For adults, learning is as much about disproving our hypotheses and assumptions as it is about adopting new ones.  Adults have to erase a belief before fitting another one in.  Our learning experiences provide learning scenarios, practice fields and working forums to test assumptions.    

Where can we meet you?

At Your Venue

Large team meetings take a big investment.  You don’t want this precious time to flit away with droning slides.  Use the time to make a breakthrough.

Our clients depend on us to design sessions that accomplish big goals for big teams.

In the Workroom

You team needs to do something different. We are facilitators at heart, so we like to weave new learning into preparing for a new reality, changing work processes, or working through challenges. 

Our clients depend on us to be application focused in bringing learning to the new team.  Its like the team version of finding the perfect YouTube video to fix your dishwasher before it floods your kitchen.

At Your Desk

Your team culture and success starts with you, the Team Leader.  Our facilitator’s heart loves to equip leaders with thought challenging questions, applicable theories from management science, and new techniques.  We know you don’t have time to spare, so we focus on small changes that make a big impact.

Our clients depend on us to challenge them to build a team that enables joy in work, the deep satisfaction that comes from unleashing the intrinsic motivation within your team and apply it to your mission.

On Your Screen

You know time is short and you want to learn quickly, just in time.  Get access to an online course to get our best learning on communication, leadership, and project management, delivered to you immediately.  You can access the content on the go with the Teachable App, available in your App Store.


NOT Training

Your team will be involved in their learning, not in movie watching mode.  They will be challenged to test assumptions and limiting beliefs. 

Make it Real

Engaging the brain, senses, reactions, and muscles makes learning real. 

Safe Scrimmage

This provides a safe scrimmage space to test individual assumptions, watch decision making, see simulated results and, most importantly, have some laughter to help drive the learning home.


Challenge your perceptions, see problems in real time and make decisions to test the outcomes.  This is the scrimmage, scenario drills, mental imaging, and muscle memory that we know works so well in sports.  This well proven approach is what we strive to do for you and your team as they compete in the sport they play in the field of business.

Let’s Work Together

Do you need to address a particular challenge your team is facing?  That is our favorite thing to do…really.  Send us a note to see how we can bring our decades of experience in process improvement and team building to lead through that challenge you are facing.

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