Enabling Joy: Your Calling As A Leader… even if you’re not the boss!

Are attitude and behavior the only aspects to leading? Or could there be more?


Enabling Joy: The renowned ‘curmudgeon of quality’, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, always told business leaders that their main job was to “enable joy in work.”

Why? Because joy is the crucial ingredient, the force multiplier, for amazing results, both on the team and in the product.  Our job as leaders, our calling, is to enable joy and engage excellence. Too often we get all wrapped up in the excellence part and forego the more important part of any team endeavor, to enable joy.

At eNthusaProve, we have figured out a way to translate that great advice into a set of practical actions that you as a leader can put on your to-do list. It’s not about having more parties or giving away more benefits…though we won’t stop you from doing that.

It’s about unleashing the deep intrinsic motivations that we have. For starters, Paul has explained how to tap the power of joy in two books. Enabling Joy is a business novel, based on real people, but set in a fictional drama where good leaders, much like yourself, figure out how enabling joy is a force multiplier to team and business success. 

Lead the IDEAL Project is for that team leader who needs to transform an idea into a reality with a recipe to make the entire project life cycle an epic endeavor.

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Watch the videos below to learn more. You can order Enabling Joy and Lead the IDEAL Project on Amazon or by contacting us here at eNthusaProve.

Enabling Joy

Your calling as a leader even when you’re not the boss!

Are you a team leader, committee chair, event orchestrator or project manager… and you need to lead but without the mantle of managerial authority?

In Enabling Joy, eNthusaProve’s Paul Armstrong offers both a fable and quick guide on what to do as a leader. Even when we have many of the desirable leadership qualities, like the characters in his fable, we often still struggle with this question:

What do I really do as a leader? What is my calling as a leader?

Joanna, Dayzie, Megan, Andrew, and Nico are all trying to help their CEO Tom Waldmor, who is under the scrutiny of a board of directors challenging him to turn some things around at Coeurs, including the steady loss of talented people from the company. Tom has put Joanna on point for figuring out why being good managers and serving leaders is not the whole answer. Joanna unpacks an answer that has too nice of a sound to it, so the leadership team has to build group agreement but only in concert with their own individual journeys to translate what sounds like a nice idea into a real business application, all before Tom gets the ax.

Throughout the story, Paul reveals a joy definition, challenging each of us to consider enabling joy as a primary calling that we have as leaders. Basing his work on Biblical teaching as well as the teachings of respected business leaders such as W. Edwards Deming, Frederick Herzberg and Noriaki Kano, with references to works by Patrick Lencioni and Dan Pink, Paul shows that enabling joy is a both a spiritually sound purpose and a necessity for business greatness.

Lead The IDEAL Project

Enable Joy: Engage Excellence

Finally! A book for project leaders to help you prepare yourself to direct your project, your epic endeavor, from an idea to being real, the IDEAL approach.

An elegant mix of how to think and what to do, Lead the IDEAL Project is YOUR notebook, designed to help you live up to YOUR aspirations to be a truly effective project team leader, one who sees beyond the spreadsheets and schedule keeping aspects and wants to be more effective at the broad spectrum of elements and components that it takes to lead a human endeavor that transforms an idea into a reality.

Like the director of a movie, you are in charge of how the human dynamics and the project lifecycle will play out. The IDEAL approach is centered on enabling joy for those doing the project in order to delight the customers.

The IDEAL approach elevates the tasks of minding the project elements of cost, schedule, quality, scope, risk, and supplies so as to engage excellence, and to integrate these necessities of project life with what is really important – leading the project team.

How do I prepare to lead? How do I direct that epic so that I am the proactive force rather than being left to react to the various whims and woes of what typically happens in project life?

By first understanding the components of enabling joy and the components of engaging excellence, along with how they are bonded together with communication, you will then have a basis upon which to direct the lifecycle epic of your project.

The IDEAL approach reveals how to weave those components into the junctures of every typical project lifecycle. IDEAL is both a description and an acronym; yes, you want the IDEAL project, with both an ideal experience in its accomplishment and an ideal outcome in its achievement. You also need to approach it in an IDEAL way. 


How Joy Changes You

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