Have you ever found yourself…

  • In a leadership role without formal authority for the team you are charged with leading
  • A Leader of a
    • project team,
    • research team,
    • product team,
    • audit team,
    • church committee,
    • scout committee,
    • athletic league, or,
    • well the list could go on and on.

Enable Joy BookI have written a book suited just for you, Enabling Joy – Your Calling as a Leader, now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.

This book is about our calling as leaders, to enable joy in work (ref: W. Edwards Deming).  Enabling Joy explores how to move that idea from a poster on the wall to improving the relationships on the team.

Who would benefit from Enabling Joy?

Enabling Joy is intended for people who practice serving leadership; leaders who want to serve his or her team well.  It is for those leaders who believe that you lead the people and manage the work, and not the other way around.

Enabling Joy is written for people who are passionate about their responsibility as a leader, who understand that as a leader they are answering a noble calling.

This book is about that calling. It’s about how to consider and answer that calling.

What is Enabling Joy about?

It’s a fable with characters that are just like you and me.  The characters work in corporate setting, have leadership responsibilities, and have to lead even though they are not bosses. Can you relate?

The characters do soul-searching to explore the question, “What is the calling of a leader?”  The answer is not rocket science nor obvious. It is elegantly simple.

Enabling Joy is based on an understanding of the Bible’s Genesis creation account and put into context with the works of W. Edwards Deming, Frederick Herzberg, Patrick Lencioni, Dan Pink, and Noriaki Kano. Yes… the Bible and a team of recognized business and leadership experts work over more than 80 years.

Where did this idea come from anyway?

While the fable is fiction, it is not fictitious. The discoveries the characters make in Enabling Joy are based on my own study of enabling joy for more than two decades.

I’ve included a section in the back that I call the textbook version; a quick reference on what enabling joy is, its components, the key sources, and some handy tools to see when and how often you, as a leader, are enabling joy.

New Ways to See Your Leadership Role

What you’ll find are ways to think about your role as a leader that I believe are deep in the core of each of us, a way to see that role, assess how well we are doing that role and, a way to continually improve how we live that role, how we lead by enabling joy.

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