Paul Armstrong

ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence

Qualified Myers Briggs MBTI Administrator

Professional Engineer, Mechanical

Pennsylvania Former Naval Officer and Licensed Marine Engineer

eNthusiastic, creative, passionate

I started eNthusaProve to help leaders and teams do the important stuff: connect people to their purpose, their vision and their peers, to define processes that maximize their ability to create value and to streamline those processes to maximize contributing that value.

Too often the important is held hostage by the urgent trivial. I have a passion for helping leaders to accomplish the important – creatively, passionately, enthusiastically.

I have had the honor of helping project teams at top tier organizations such as the US Navy, Williams Industrial Service, TVA, and Entergy. I have been trusted with the roles of teacher, mentor, facilitator, and team builder.

What would my clients and peers say most often about me? That I have a knack for seeing situations in a different light, that I don’t have to think outside the box because I’m never even in the box and therefor seeing possibilities even when the situation seems intractable.  They also like that, thanks to lots of years having this kind of fun, I have a big toolbag for lots of tasks, ranging from creative idea generation to organizing databases of complex variables.

My engineering background complements my optimistic energy and my natural talents (#strengthsfinder) of strategic, futuristic, ideation, connectedness and positivity. Being able to share those gifts with you helps your teams achieve some amazing results, sometimes a bit whacky, but it’s never more of the some old, same old.

I actually have a bit of real education behind all this, with a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Pitt, a B.S. in Marine Engineering from USMMA.  Despite being told I don’t think like an engineer, I’m surprisingly a licensed Professional Engineering license. And, just to keep my nerd membership card, I’m certified as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and also as a Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence for the American Society for Quality.

I love helping teams explore their data gathering and decision preference, so I am legitimately qualified in Myers Briggs.

I recently authored and published Enabling Joy and have had the honor to be a  frequent speaker at international conferences on quality, leadership, knowledge management and, my dearest passion, enabling joy in work.

The Really Important Stuff about me:

I was blessed to be raised by two incredible parents whom I love and respect to this day. I got to marry the girl of my dreams, and Diana is still my bride, my best friend forever, and my favorite date… and she’s also the President of eNthusaProve.
Diana and I were blessed with three children whom we teamed with Providence to help them grow, and each of them is now pursuing their dreams… it doesn’t get better than that. We live in Lancaster, PA trying our hand at a small farming adventure, while also finding time to teach kids, kayak, and bike. We also maximize our time visiting our grown children and enjoying as many giggles as possible with our grandchildren. For well over a decade, eNthusaProve has been graced to be trusted by clients and respected by peers. While taking the leap from corporate security has its risks, it has allowed me to maximize my value to our clients. I am happy every day that Amanda had the courage and trust to take this leap also. I look forward to how we can help you connect to your purpose, create value and contribute that value to your customers.

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