There Was Never A Better Time To… Write It Down!

So, you and your team members have had an opportunity during this pandemic to learn a few things, right? If you’re anything like me they probably include some professional… some personal. The shutdown of life as we’ve known it has been so life-altering that you might’ve experienced some skill-based or some thinking-based new methods or processes as well.

Now what people often forget to do during unprecedented times like these is the little things… which can be as simple as writing these thoughts down, and then, (wait for it…) actually revisit it to reflect on what we now know that we didn’t!

By now, you’ve also had the opportunity to reflect on what you value in life.

Take a minute and jot down the list of what you learned. Have your team do the same.

Ideally, you’ll share some items on your lists. Look for new ways that your team found to connect, create value, or contribute.

Name those learnings. Apply those learnings to build on them as they are a source of joy.

Just remember: Reflect, reflect, reflect. We don’t want this time to go to waste. Capture what is different through your written words and don’t just let this time go to waste. We can see the fruit grown during this time, even with the stress and unknown, there is growth.

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