Thanksgiving a Team HabitIt’s the week of Thanksgiving and each of us here are preparing to host our friends and relatives. What a blessing! We at eNthusaProve hope that you are similarly happily preparing for a celebration of thanks.

What does Thanksgiving have to do with leading teams?

We’d like to recommend that you make Thanks Giving a habit for your teams.  Giving thanks, showing appreciation, will dramatically change team dynamics for the better.

How to do this? Start each routine meeting (e.g. daily or weekly team or status meetings) with someone giving specific thanks to another team member for something that transpired in the previous 24 or 48 hours. This simple human interchange is very powerful. That act of gratitude releases brain chemicals that will actually make the meeting more productive. Status meetings that highlight what went wrong result in all sorts of brain reactions that trigger fight or flight or freeze; not exactly the recipe of creative or deep thinking.

Don’t just do this for the increased productivity. Do it for the same reason that Americans makes this the most traveled weekend of the year…because it’s a great part of being human. It strengthens the necessary connection we have with friends and family.

We’d like to share a few TED Talks that make this point in a very eloquent and entertaining way. So, while you’re peeling potatoes or chopping apples for pie, maybe this would be a fun way to remind yourself the Thanks Giving can be a GRATEFUL way to not just spend this weekend, but all year.

Our thanks to all of you who have been with us on our new journey.  We will have some very exciting news after the holiday!

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