Calling Project Leaders!

Do you believe that your calling in leading a project team involves more than just managing costs, schedules, and quality?

The IDEAL approach is designed to help you be that personal leader you strive to be in that epic way, by enabling joy and engaging excellence for your project.


We do… we’ll show you how to LEAD your team instead of managing it.


Is there something not quite right about your team?

This workbook leads you through a team diagnostic clarifying the team dynamics that hinder your team’s success. Easy to read scribblable workbook guides your thoughts to build better trust on your team.

What is your job as a leader?

Paul Armstrong’s fable that demonstrates simple yet profound ways to enable joy in your teams. 



Are you in transition?

These times have required each of us to pivot and change in some way. Do you know your area of highest contribution to pivot well? Be intentional with your time at work to bring the most value to your team’s mission.

Ready For A Podcast Created With You In Mind?

GET EXCITED!! We have a brand new podcast coming with YOU and your project ideas in mind. Welcome to Joyful Projects, where we will explore the Secret to Real Excellence in transforming our ideas into reality. I’ve spent many years figuring out what it really means to enable joy in work…and I want to share my insights.

We empower leaders like you to claim their goal-achieving potential and build on the very purpose of what it means to be human. We equip leaders to lead those around the table to success (not to the documents, spreadhseets, or checklists). This human-centered leadership is the critical element to project success (on-time and on-budget).

I appreciate that you aren’t like other consultants and come in to sell your solution.  You help my team develop a solution that works best for us. You do what I need, without all the overhead.

Kelly Powers

Williams Industrial Services Group

 The Bridge of Joy in the COVID Era


Lots of us are talking about when life returns to normal, or that this is “the new normal.” There is a bit of danger when we as leaders make a promise about a return to normal. The best selling management texts are all about change… not about being able to revert back to what our team calls ‘normal’.


We all learned things through this COVID-19 lockdown time. As many are starting to transition back to the “new normal,” we leaders are well served to remember what we gained, individually and with our teams. Let’s not be in such a rush. Write down the good, the growth, the victories, the challenges. You only truly prove that you know something when you can write it down. Reflect, reflect, reflect.


We may be told to stay home during this time of quarantine, but we’re encouraged to get some fresh air! Join eNthusaProve’s Paul with some ideas about what you may be calling “weeds”.  You may have some nutritious assets happily growing, saving you a trip to the grocer. In times like this, we have been reconsidering what really is valuable, and these ‘weeds’ are a good example, in more ways than one.  So, grab your gloves… you’re going to need them when Paul takes you to experience the stinging nettles!

Hey Team Leader!

How can we bring joy to your team? Your Venue

Are you a team leader dreading a high profile meeting because of the topic, problem, or disengaged personalities?  We’ll guide you through the rough waters technical projects typically produce so you can chart the best course for your team.

w the Board Room

Leading projects that involve significant process improvement or leadership skills is difficult. We get it! We’ll arrive onsite or work virtually with teams to guide them to successful project completion. We are engineers… so we understand and thrive in technical environments. Your Office

Team Leaders need technical skills, diplomacy, an eye for improvement, an entrepreneurial mindset, and great communication skills to effectively lead teams. Bring us in to mentor and coach new team leaders along their development journey.

...on Your Screen

Learn to enable joy in your teams from the comfort of your own surroundings. We offer several self-paced courses and virtual coaching for Team Leaders to build their skills on the spot.

See our online offerings


It’s just a three-letter word… but Joy is what we specialize in creating for team leaders. We’re here to absolutely supercharge your understanding of joy…so that you will appreciate that joy is not only is a great way to lead your life and your team, but by understanding joy deeply, we can very frequently find out what is making ourselves or the teams we lead discontented, anxious, concerned or, maybe even a bit fearful.

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You Can Enable Joy In Hard Work

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