Playful Learning for Your Team

We develop and deliver high-caliber training in an interactive style, producing the intangible skills needed to close your capability gaps.

Topics include:

  • creative problem solving,
  • innovation,
  • systems thinking,
  • project risk and integration management,
  • change leadership,
  • effective communication.
  • a full list of courses we’ve dreamed of and done is found in our training catalog.

eNthusaProve’s teaching style is to get participants involved in their learning through live action simulations to drive organizational and individual learning.  We create simulated versions of your situation or your desired situations, and via a metaphor or via a miniature process, we are able to have your people kinesthetically learn.  This provides a safe scrimmage space to test individual assumptions, watch decision making, see simulated results and, most importantly, have some laughter to help drive the learning home.

We have created simulations in these areas:Six Sigma Simulation

  • New Process Implementation
  • Existing Process (to validate assumptions about performance)
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Team Trust
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Lean
  • Process Stability / Process Control
  • Creative Design

Why this Playful Learning approach?

Hoagie SimulationWe learn better when we engage our brain, our senses, our reactions, our muscles at the same time.  We learn better when we need to challenge our perceptions, see problems in real time and make decisions for which we can see the outcomes.  As any sport coach already knows, we need to practice the game, so we scrimmage and run scenario drills to condition mental imaging and muscle memory.  This well proven approach is what we strive to do for you and your team as they compete in the sport they play in the field of business.


Want to try an eNthusaProve simulation for yourself?  We’ve packaged one up for you.

SlackMaster – an interactive Learning Lab to help your project teams to experience Risk Mitigation Management… learn its basics, learn how to communicate it, and, ultimately build project teams that trust each other to talk and manage risk objectively and candidly.