Welcome Friend!  This is a blog specifically targeted to you, the Team Leader, to enable joy in work in your team.  Being a Team Lead of a project in your company or community is a funny position to be in…You aren’t the Boss, but you have authority.  The people working on the team do not have to give you 100% (because they report to someone else) AND you need them to for the team to succeed.  Ooof.

The goal of this blog is to equip and encourage you for the journey.  You and your teams are workhorses of progress.  Most new products/services started because of a cross-functional team.  Everyone wants innovation, and these teams and team leaders make it happen.  My goal here is to help you, the Team Leader, build a team that wants to work together and therefore will create that new thing.

  • Spring! The Organic Side of Team Building
  • Encouraging Millennial Leaders without Annoying Everyone Else
  • Fear of Change? A change management solution…Enabling Joy!
  • A Well-Rounded Teammate: Diversity Your Team Needs
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator vs. StrengthsFinder: Complements or adversaries?
  • Leading Change - Practice
    Leading Change: Making New Connections in Our Brains
  • Getting Innovative Ideas
    Getting the Innovative Ideas Your Business Needs
  • Be my Teammate - Valentines Day
    Valentines Day - Be my...Teammate?
  • Groundhog Day - the Makings of Useful Statistics
    Groundhog Day and the Makings of Useful Statistics
  • Predicting Super Bowl Talent
    Where is Super Bowl talent on your team?
  • Avoiding a Team Shutdown
    Avoiding a team 'shutdown'
  • Thinking Like Deming- Not easy, but very worthwhile
  • Our Best Blog Share Yet
  • Give up smoking "busy" for the new year
  • Christmas Party Blog Leader v Boss
    Leaders vs. Bosses at the Office Christmas Party
  • One Game Changer for Better Problem Solving
  • Enabling Joy - Your Calling As a Leader: Our inaugural book
  • Thanksgiving a Team Habit
    Thanks Giving - Let's make it a team habit
  • Teammates On the Bench- CONTRIBUTE Value
    Teammates on the Bench? Contribute Value Despite Roadblocks
  • Team Members On the Bench- CREATE
    Teammates on the Bench? Team Building by CREATING value
  • Leadership & Management Advice from the Forbes Essays
    Leadership and Management Advice from the Forbes Essays
  • Team Building: Get off the Bench
    Teammates on the Bench? Team BUILD with Connect, Create, Contribute
  • Solving team engagement...by creating value
    Solving Volunteer Engagement…by Creating Value
  • Essential Component to a Great Team
    One Essential Component to a Great Team
  • Prioritization Skill Building - Puzzled about Priorities
    Puzzled about Priorities? Prioritization Skill Building
  • Project Management Tools that Pack a Punch
    Two Simple Project Management Tools that Pack a Punch for Teams
  • Building Team Commitment
    Building Team Commitment: Choose to Connect
  • Team Connection Builder Blog
    Team Connection Builder: Systematize for Better Connections
  • Team Conversations - How to get a team to gel
    Team Conversations: How to Get Teams to Gel
  • Leading Teams Lessons from Nettles
    Seven Lessons about Leading Teams I Learned from Nettles


The Team Leader's Checklist for an Engaged Team

My name is Amanda (Hello!), and I am the author of this blog, The Leader’s Ship.  I am always working to provide solid team leadership wisdom, especially for people like you who are creating value for the world on project teams.  If these blog topics are interesting to you, check out the free resources for subscribers.  You will get access to a checklist to get you rolling on building team engagement! (Hint: it looks like this –>)

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