Welcome Tacticians!

Here’s the mother load of all SlackMaster resources…

Plan of the Day:

  1. Clarify and Set Expectations
  2. Communicating Risk Video and Guide
  3. Project Management 101
  4. Driving Risk Concepts Home
  5. Managing Risk Video and Guide
  6. Tactician Learning Lab Facilitator Guide
  7. Video: Introduction to SlackMaster Game Play



These links guide you to the documents and videos that you can use to deliver your event.  Download them to your tablet or print them out for easy reference during your event.  Please give us feedback via get_help@slackmaster.us.  One of our Creatives will respond in a timely manner to get you what you need.  We’re here to be your backup, the man behind the curtain, the genie of training…well that might be stretching it.

Additional paper supplies can be ordered at: get_stuff@slackmaster.us.  Supplies available to order are:

  • Worker Tally Sheet Pads – $6.00 each
  • Manager Metrics Pads – $6.00 each
  • Participant Notebooks – $50.00 per pack of 10

(all prices are before shipping, and any applicable sales tax)