SlackMaster is an off the shelf, customizable way to learn and practice risk management in a day.

We developed this game for project team development to help teams understand their risk tolerance and learn where to accept risk or mitigate it.  This learning exercise will build your project team’s communication and risk skills.   It is adaptable to your organization’s risk policies.

SlackMaster includes:SlackMaster Box Front

  • A game in which your team will make real risk management decisions, see their risk attitude and develop risk mitigation planning skills.
  • Access to the online resources:
    • Facilitator Guides
    • Instructional Videos
    • Customizing Instructions
    • Deeper research into serious play and eNthusaProve’s approach to applying that to project teams.
    • FAQs and Support from eNthusaProve creatives.

SONY DSCLight hearted but serious learning !  We have built in both project management theory and group dynamics theory to give you a day to improve your risk mitigation skills, your team communications and build your team understanding of each other.  Yet…it’ll seem like a day of fun.

Game Overview:  You’ll have tasks to do and get capability SONY DSCto do them.  But capability is risky, so you’ll need to manage those risks.  Your capability could come in the form of a Handyman, Field General, McGilver, or the unfortunate McGoober.  These capabilities work on the project tasks, which as any Project Manager knows, can be Squirrely, a SureThing, or the challenging Can-o-Worms.  By performing
risk mitigation, a great project team can successfully complete the tasks and manage their resources to be called a SlackMaster!

SlackMaster is available at the following locations:

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Each purchase includes online access credentials for one-year access to the online SlackMaster community.  Register here to get access!