eNthusa – Learning !

We custom design traditional course content to flex and adapt to your schedule, your culture, your issues and your expectations.  We are more akin to a home schooling model than a public university model.  If you need massive volumes of training, then we may not be the best source for you.

Our Approach Development and Training for your team:

What we have found is that it is along the interfaces of People, Process and Product that the action happens.  Our areas of subject matter expertise (those areas in which we can provide education, training, or simulation)  are categorized along these three interfaces.

To help you improve your People – Process interface

  • Team Building – like you’ve never experienced before
  • Dialogue and Discussion – knowing the difference will help you design meetings better, will improve those times when you want open ended thinking and those times when you need to drive a decision to closure.
  • Presentation Techniques – this is both from the oral and the visual aspects, customized to your specific needs, flavored along the lines a Edward Tufte’s work.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – in our 20 years of experience, no personality tool comes close to the power of this approach.  We have experience with DiSC, Strongs, SDI and other tools…these are all very good, but we have found that with our unique approach, teams get the most power and value from using this Jung based psychology instrument.
  • Learning Organization Disciplines – do you want to take your team or organization to the next level?  Then your processes need to change.  That’s obvious. What is not so obvious is that the Mental Model of your capabilities has to change first.  This is the heart of what it means to be a Learning Organization… being able to open up to entirely new ways of thinking, testing that thinking and being able to design and implement new ways of doing business.

To help you improve your Process-Product interface

  • Process Management / Improvement – if you are blaming the people instead of improving your processes, then this is for you.  We can flex this from introductory process thinking, to process mapping, to value stream analysis.
  • Lean Sigma – We will customize our approach based on your need, but usually recommending Six Sigma when you have the data; Lean when you are looking for a straight laced approach to eliminating waste.

To help you improve your People – Product interface

  • Expertise Nurturement – This would be just a concept level type of training, as most of the effort in this realm would better be considered coaching, not a course.
  • Knowledge Management – We have decades of experience in this field and we can get you thru the fluff, the buzzwords and set you up to be productively using proven practices without accidentally incurring bureaucratic overhead.
  • Simulation of New Products or Services – We can teach you the basics so that you can simulate new products and processes with sufficient statistical rigor.