Knowledge Management

Helping you to establish knowledge sharing and transfer for your explicit knowledge.

We help leaders establish the strategies and tactics so the key people can share their recipes for success, spicy tricks of the trade and cautions to avoid getting burned.

Check out Paul’s presentation at the National Knowledge Management Conference, “Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What’s Emerging from Pandora’s Box?”

eNthusaProve has helped organizations and project teams to set-up:

  • communities of practice
  • tactics for after action reviews to achieve a day-to-day learning improvement
  • tactics for peer to peer interactions, to share brainpower on uniquely befuddling situations
  • strategies to weave knowledge sharing into the flow of the work

We would love the opportunity to help you or your team to set up, gain momentum, and succeed with your knowledge sharing and transfer needs. Contact us here.

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We help you enthusiastically improve your processes and products, develop your people to achieve joy in purposeful work and delight in your customers. We do this by generating enthusiastic yet pragmatic solutions with proven methods and edgy techniques to achieve provable enterprise excellence and excitement.

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