Are you a team leader, committee chair, event orchestrator or project manager… and you need to lead but without the mantle of managerial authority?

In Enabling Joy, eNthusaProve’s Paul Armstrong offers both a fable and quick guide on what to do as a leader. Even when we, like the characters in his fable, have many of the desirable leadership qualities, they still struggle with a question.

What do I really do as a leader? What is my calling as a leader?

Joanna, Dayzie, Megan, Andrew, and Nico are all trying to help their CEO Tom Waldmor, who is under the scrutiny of a board of directors challenging him to turn some things around at Coeurs, including the steady loss of talented people from the company. Tom has put Joanna on point for figuring out why being good managers and serving leaders is not the whole answer. Joanna unpacks an answer that has too nice of a sound to it, so the leadership team has to build group agreement but only in concert with their own individual journeys to translate what sounds like a nice idea into a real business application, all before Tom gets the ax.

Throughout the story, Paul reveals a joy definition, challenging each of us to consider enabling joy as a primary calling that we have as leaders. Basing his work on Biblical teaching as well as the teachings of respected business leaders such as W. Edwards Deming, Frederick Herzberg and Noriaki Kano, with references to works by Patrick Lencioni and Dan Pink, Paul shows that enabling joy is a both a spiritually sound purpose and a necessity for business greatness.

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