The Bridge of Joy

One-on-One Coaching

We would love the opportunity to work with you to build joy into your leadership approach, especially in this crucial time for leaders.  In this session, we will dig into your current situation and think together of opportunities and solution options to be the leader your team needs in the uncertainty of today. Snatch up a one-hour coaching session!  (You’ll receive the Issue Indicator workbook as well when you sign up for coaching…boom!)

60 min via Video or Phone

Issue Indicators Printable PDF Workbook

Easy peasy scribblable workbook to diagnose team issues that might be holding back your team and suggestions to solve it (rather than live with it).  Snag it here and start identifying those areas that are holding back team success.

Printable PDF Download

Amanda Parker

The Bridge of Joy Coach Amanda

Hey there!  I’m Amanda, always in pursuit of the finely-tuned machine…my teams, work processes, and management of family life. Paul and I designed these offerings with leaders like you in mind.  I hope they are helpful to you!  Drop me a line at if you have questions…really!

Paul Armstrong

The Bridge of Joy Coach Paul

Hello leader!  Paul here.  Too often good leaders like you are held hostage by the urgent trivial. I have a passion for helping leaders to accomplish the important – creatively, passionately, enthusiastically. I look forward to the opportunity to equip you as a leader.  Get in touch with me at

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