Helping you Achieve New Possibilities

This is NOT team training… this is NOT about being well trained.

This is about a Team aspiring to a new vision, a better purpose and creating the attitudes and abilities to get there.

Team Learning is a fundamental foundation for any organization that wants to make significant improvement.

What eNthusaProve does:Horses for Team Learning freedigitalphotosnet

We provide learning scenarios, practice fields and working forums to test you and your team test your assumptions.  This helps your team to see where they have constrained themselves from new potential and new possibilities.  We have found that many people, after years of training being delivered to them, have lost touch with what true learning is all about.

We help your team to reacquaint themselves with the fundamental concepts of what it means to be a Team and what it means to Learn.  We have found that many people, after years of artificially calling any group a “team”, have lost touch with what we all know is actually true about teams.

Our style is not so much a corporate training sort of regimen but rather more akin to the styles and processes used by the ancient Greek philosophers and modern home schoolers.

We set you up with a way to build your team, set your aspirations, challenge your mental models and accelerate your learning.


A little background:

First, let’s recognize that being a Team is a job unto itself (see our ranting on this).  There are characteristics of a team that require effort to build.  We are not talking about your typical work group, thrown together in the same department. We are talking people purposely putting self at the service of the group.

Second, let’s recognize that Learning is a concept that is different than education or training…related but different.  The term “learning” emphasizes the objective, not the process.  Learning is achieved…training is frequently delivered.  Learning is what makes us more fully human.  Akin to when a child learns to walk and to talk, learning fundamentally changes how we interact with the world.  Learning is part of our basic human makeup, the reason we have creativity.  Learning is as much about disproving our hypotheses and assumptions as it about adopting new ones.

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