Fundamental Process Improvement

eNthusaProve can facilitate your Six Sigma or Lean journey

Our flexible approach is based on your needs and your culture.

We have over 20 years experience in process mapping, process improvement, Six Sigma, Lean, and reengineering.

We apply first and foremost, the theories and philosophy of W. Edwards Deming. What does that mean?  It means that our style will focus on:
  • Fix the process, stop blaming the people; the process accounts for nearly 90% of the troubles you’re having.
  • Understand the common cause variation; this is what process improvement will improve.
  • Address the special cause variation; these are handled one at a time.
  • Prevent tampering with the process because of special cause variation.
  • Look for and remove the barriers to joy in work and intrinsic motivation
  • Plan on it being a learning adventure; PDSA – continually testing new ideas and seeing how they work

If you want enthusiastic performance improvement that encompasses people, processes and products, talk to us.

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