Dreading a meeting?  Are these true for you?

  • Dreading a meeting because of the topic, the problem or the personalities?
  • You have a highly contentious group who is at each other’s throats?Sea lions arguing freedigitalphotosnet
  • You have a team whose members all think alike…yikes, groupthink!
  • You have a super critical meeting where you can’t afford to have superficial thought or anemic buy-in?
  • People who have taken precious time at this meeting and you cannot afford to squander their time?

We are ready to partner with you.

Our creative, adaptive style….along with over two decades of experience navigating teams through the rough waters of turbulent conversations…might be just what your situation needs.

We have over 20 years working with teams from industry, government, non-profits and academia. Our experience includes the tools of the trade: Myers Briggs and other personality tools, Six Sigma, Lean, Process Management, System Analysis, Project Management, Program Management.

This experience enables us to work with you to develop sessions that span:

  • Single session meetings to multi-day / multi-topic events.

  • Thoughtful problem solving to creative brainstorming.

  • Tactical meetings to strategic planning sessions.

  • Well-established teams to the newly formed teams

photo image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net